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12 July to 7 August 2016 Opening: Saturday 16 July, 1–3pm Guest Speaker: Lorraine Maggs

Where is the beginning and where is the end?

The ‘Law of Entanglement’ in Quantum physics states that all of life is entangled with all of life; there is constant contact between all things created from the universe (beyond our imagination) to every breath we take.

Emerging Artist Ian Wade presents an astounding selection of sculptural works in his first solo exhibition featuring at the GIGS Art Gallery.

Ian describes his ‘WADEMADE’ sculpture as being “found then redeemed from the wood pile that had been set aside for the fire. Timber that has been disregarded over time is often white–anted, rotted and regarded as worthless, or best, considered as unsightly rubbish. Its only value is to give a limited amount of heat or bonfire fun. Much of the wood I use has been in the ‘wood pile’ for close to 20 years, awaiting its time of redemption, an issue we all face with extreme patience.”

To be redeemed is to be transformed, renewed and made useful again.

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