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Prudence Dickins
(Truly Pruly)

Prue is almost a self-taught artist, she works under the name Truly Pruly as it is a constant reminder to remain true to herself with her work.

“Self-taught” is not entirely correct as Prue is constantly being moved by other artists and then devouring the how and why of what they do, she never learned past year 11 at school with Art, partly due to the lack of interest in the theory and fear to pursue Art as a career.

Prue studied Oil Landscapes in her very early teenage years, being mentored by Betty Scott out at Burramine Victoria. The basics of her teachings have remained with Prue over a 30 year 'break' when finally in 2020 Prue regained the courage to attempt painting again.

When delving back into the arts, Prue found a new passion for bold colour portraiture and completed an online ‘Bold School” course to build on this. The two years painting portraits was quite a healing and confidence building process for Prue.

Prue now paints predominately with Structured acrylics, texture and at times introduces sewing and other materials into her works.

For the past few months Prue has ventured back to Australian landscapes interpreting memories and recollections of the region on Galvanised Corrie and canvases, as she continues to grow and evolve as an artist.

Most recently, looking to learn the skill of mixing acrylic with oils and hoping to experiment further with mixed media, challenging herself to move more freely with her art - away from the realism, to focus more on expression through play and experimentation, to create what is uniquely hers.

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