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Becoming a Consignment Artist 


The Gateway Gallery Shop is the ideal place for local artists to showcase and sell their artworks to the public. Come in to the gallery and have a look around. This will give you an idea of how your artworks will look in this space.


Artworks can include 2D hanging works and 3D works displayed on shelves or plinths. All hanging works must be presented ready for hanging with D hooks and wire.


If you are contemplating becoming a consignment artist with us, please use our Expression of Interest form (opposite) to provide relevant information about you and your works.

Things to remember:


  • You must be a current financial member. This comes with an obligation to be on the volunteer roster, if it is at all possible.


  • When works are sold there is a 30% commission and 10% on greeting cards.


  • All works must be clearly labelled with Artist’s Name and Title of the work.


We always welcome new consignment artists. Down the track you may also like to consider having your own exhibition.

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