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Complex Surfaces

by Robert Sherwood Duffield

This exhibition has been postponed

New dates to be confirmed

Robert Sherwood Duffield is an award winning Urana based artist who has exhibited nationally and internationally.

COMPLEX SURFACES are all polyethylene monoprints using a process that Duffield has developed enabling him to print onto very lightweight paper. The works are representative of his restless need to investigate and experiment with media.

These works are a welcome diversion to my usual and more constrained way of making that involves a lot of thinking. I am currently quite tired of work that ‘thinks too much’ these works however are still linked to my restless need to investigate and the satisfaction it gives me to explore colours, textures and media.

They are representative of an investigation into a process and a medium. However in their making there is a joy and surprise in that making that has intrigued and captured me for some time now. There is an almost endless variation of texture and colour within the complex surfaces.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have, making them for you.

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