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7 February to 5 March 2017 Opening: Saturday 11 February, 2 to 4pm Meet the Artist: Saturday 25 February, 2 to 4pm

Eco printed silk garments to cool your hot summer

Gladrags brings together my fascination with the exquisite organic feel of natural textiles and my love for eco printing with leaves, seeds and berries. Contemporary and traditional printing and dyeing techniques were used to transfer eco prints from nature onto varied weights of silk fabric.

Sustainable practice is an important part of my work and all vegetation used was planted and grown by me and processed using solar or eco friendly power. These works reflect my love for textiles and the search for the poetry in every-day nature bringing a feeling of connection to the spirit of the land and conveying a sense of random wildness yet gentle order, subtlety and quiet beauty of the Australian bush land.

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