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Same Same But Different

A sculpture exhibition by CAROLINE HANNA

16 April to 11 May 2024

MEET THE ARTIST: SAT 20 April, 10am–12pm

OPENING EVENT: SAT 20 April, 5.30–7.30pm

Same Same But Different challenges perceptions of similarity and uniqueness. It is a collection of hybrid women inspired by the idea of sameness evolving into delightful distinctions, with a nod to the often-unappreciated avian world.

Women empowerment, freedom and friendship are recurring motifs, depicted by the dog, ibis, and fish yearning for companionship. The hybrid women are in adventurous scenes, with one woman using cutlery as wings and another crafting her own power pack for flight.

Materials in this exhibition have been intentionally collected – with found, sometimes humourous trinkets from op shops and markets, from unusual plinths to natural objects, which combine and unfold in the plaster body – connecting these hybrids with the human world, domesticity, and country life. Pearls and adornments are woven throughout, reminding us that resilience and femininity can coexist.

Same Same But Different invites you to explore the meaning of these hybrid women. They are united by their strength, resourcefulness, camaraderie, and joy, and they are just not quite what we expect. The works have a subtle similarity infused with a quirky difference. I hope you enjoy!

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