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19 December 2017 to 21 January 2018 OPENING: Wednesday 20 December at 6.30pm

365Play is Ilona’s year-long challenge to create an artwork each day for the duration of 2017—365 days of the art of play. Using a light-hearted approach and whatever art mediums, techniques and ideas come to mind, Ilona is creating art through play. Her artworks are also often inspired by an interpretation of the concept of ‘play’ in its various contexts.

365Play has also been a journey of exploring the benefits of play for adults. Grown-ups need to play too! Taking time out to play is essential to our wellbeing and creativity, especially now that too many of us are living with much busyness and stress. Making art is another fun and relaxing way to play and simply take a break from it all.

Ilona hopes to show that anyone, at any age, can create art—any kind of art. There are no limits. There are no mistakes. And no expectations. Just play and see where your creativity takes you.

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