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Art is for Everyone!

by the PURPLE CHICKEN Art Collective

4 to 29 July 2023

OPENING EVENT: Friday 7 July, 5–7pm

Art is for everyone!

Does that seem like a simplistic theme for an exhibition in a gallery?

Let’s check our pretensions, our assumptions, and our privilege for a moment.

ART is a universal language, a means of expressing ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs. It is a means for others to interpret with their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs, when they look at our ideas, our expression, our colour, our shape, and our composition.

ART allows any of us to express ourselves in any and many ways.

To be an artist, I need access to quality materials, a safe space to work, with instructors/supporters open to work with me to find my art, to give me the technical understanding, and the opportunity to explore, try, fail, try again, steady my hand, steady my confidence, be the artist in me.

The Artists: PURPLE CHICKEN Art Collective is made up of a group of artists with disabilities, working, learning, and exhibiting together. This is our first exhibition in a gallery outside our home exhibition space at PURPLE CHICKEN Café.

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