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2 to 14 August 2022

ARTIST TALK: Saturday 6 August, 11am–12pm

Serendipity is an interpretation of places and things that I have experienced throughout my lengthy life. The lino-print titled '1954'- records a significant time where a teenager's vague goals in life dramatically changed – from dream to distinct possibility. This episode led to decades of service within the Defence Force as officer / pilot – followed by many productive years working within the Wagga Wagga community.


My art is the result of much effort and dedication after my life turned completely upside down. In 2010 I entered basic art studies at TAFE Wagga Wagga. For one who had never taken one serious brush stroke or chisel this required a total re-adjustment of my life. Fortunate for me, the Head of Art and Design Studies was a renowned printmaker. Under his tutelage, this led to graduating with Distinction in the Advance Diploma of Art and Design (print making). Perhaps TAFE foresaw that the 'old dog could learn new tricks'.


For the last six years I remained an Artist in Residence resulting in experimental works towards Monotypes, Collagraphs and dry-point. My art has been displayed at seven Solo exhibitions as well as taking part in various joint exhibitions from which I have enjoyed success. Of significance, four of my archival prints are held by Wagga Wagga Art Gallery with two included in a major exhibition – Techniques of Persuasion: Second Strike, 4 June to 28 August 2022.


Craig Couzens: 0400 515 143

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