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Ollie Klepiak

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Ollie Klepiak is a self-taught artist. He always loved oil painting. During his teenage years, he expressed a curiosity for landscapes and scenery, which would eventually lead to a passion in oil painting. 


Migrating to Australia at the young age of two from a post-war Germany in 1957 – Ollie, who was the youngest of six children at the time, settled at the Bonegilla Migration Camp before spending the majority of his life in Wodonga. (His brother, Stefan Klepiak is the author of the book “The Bonegilla Kid’). 


In his later years, after a lifetime of experiences in movie production, including being Paul Hogan’s stand in on two occasions, script writing and photography, Ollie returned to the canvas and once again, fell in love with his first discipline in 2017. 

He is fascinated with exploring the styles of other artists and turning into something uniquely his own, he feels this is the greatest challenge and one that he has focused his practice on. 


One Man Show is his first solo exhibition and will feature a collection of scenes including landscapes, seascapes, street paintings and abstract works. The future will hold many more collections with the intention to express his life experience through plein air painting and now in retirement, further studies in the wonderful world of art including water colour and acrylic mediums. 

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