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Rose Brigden

Rose Brigden

Rose arrived in Australia in the early sixties, having spent two years in the Women’s Royal Army Corps and qualified as an officer. She met and married a third-generation Australian farmer/grazier and went to live in the bush. The house consisting of only two rooms, was five gates in and 18 kilometres from the nearest small town (i.e. a tiny shop and a pub). Some of the small houses that Rose makes are reminiscent of the past.

A school teacher friend introduced Rose to clay and showed her how to make pinch pots. After that Rose went her own way. She has taught pottery and other crafts at many locations including schools, aged facilities, and prisons. She also ran a disabled workshop for seven years and worked for ten years at a psychiatric hospital. She has had two solo exhibitions and displayed her work in several places.
Rose’s husband Jim was a great storyteller and he introduced her to the Australian bush poets, hence her interest in bush history and people. They were very happily married for 53 years, Jim died two years ago and together they have three sons and nine grandchildren.

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