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Lee Eastman (Pownall)

How long have you lived in the Albury/Wodonga area?
I was born in the Riverina (Deniliquin ) but have spent 40 or so years living in Queensland before returning to live in Albury in 2018.

What mediums /materials do you explore/ work in /study?
I have worked in precious metals and gemstones all my working life, since the early1970’s, as a goldsmith/jeweller. In 2014 I retired after 11 years teaching jewellery apprentices at Brisbane TAFE .

I began to explore watercolours and after a couple of years I took lessons in oil painting. I still have my goldsmithing workshop and make jewellery by commission.

How have you educated yourself in your favoured fields?
After school I studied Art at RMIT where I majored in Gold and Silversmithing. Learning and improving skills have been on going throughout my life. I have studied painting skills with various online tutors as well as face-to-face classes.

How long have you been pursuing your interests in visual arts/crafts?
Always interested in the creatives and design throughout my life in the jewellery industry. Painting now seems to dominate my interest and my time.

What do you do when you are not working on your art?
I am also interested in gardening and photography and love spending time with my wonderful family and friends.

What was/is your day-ob/career?
No day job anymore and I am officially retired from a life long career as a goldsmith and teacher.

What is your “artist's statement”? The reason and passion behind your work?
I like to paint soft realities. I look for beauty in the world around me. I wish to express the magnificence of pleasing design in my compositions both in my jewellery and painting. I look for abstract forms and shapes but like to express them with a realistic eye for details, yet retain softness.  


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