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Jaya Murthy

I discovered my passion for art later in life, but I am making up for lost time! My name is Jaya Murthy, and I am a new resident of Albury and a new member of Bids Art Group. Originally from India, my family and I have travelled to and lived in some interesting places because of my husband’s profession. We lived in East Africa, Papua New Guinea and then closer by in Griffith before deciding to settle here in beautiful Albury.

It was in Griffith that I saw a notice about oil painting classes, being offered by Jeff Wright. On an impulse, I joined his class and have never stopped painting! Jeff was a wonderful teacher to a novice like me, always patient, ever enthusiastic, and so cheerful! I call him my Guruji which is an Indian term for a venerated teacher, and I think the highlight of my artistic career is the day he bought one of my paintings from my solo exhibition to raise money for breast cancer research.

I now enjoy new adventures in painting taking master workshops and painting with my fellow artists here in Albury.

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