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Ilona Belle


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My art practice is driven by colour, diversity and the process. I love mark making and exploring with mediums, creating movement and texture that’s alive with saturated colour. I tend to fluctuate between painting and drawing, most often working with acrylic, pencil, ink, charcoal and collage, on canvas and paper. 


Combining my love of art, poetry and books, I also create ‘blackout poetry’ using discarded novels. It’s my go-to for self-expression with words, for anything from deep emotions to playful abstraction and surrealism.


My work has become more spontaneous and intuitive while I’m learning to think less and do more. Increasingly releasing expectations and control of the outcome, I’ve discovered a love for free-flowing expression and experiencing what eventuates from within.


While my work is often non-objective, I am also inspired by nature, faces and mythology, increasingly combining these with my intuitive abstract style. I hope my art is experienced as light but meaningful, while inviting a little playful magic and more appreciation of our natural world.

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