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Creative Moments

with Evette Pepper, Lionel and Pamela Ward

1 to 25 November

OPENING EVENT: Saturday 4 November, 4–6pm

RSVP: Pamela 0458 223 447 or Evette 0421 280 029

Realism, abstracts

Soft pastels, watercolours, oils, acrylics

We country artists have expanded our horizons in creativity by expressing what is on our hearts and mind and challenging the typical way we paint and stepping out in faith to use mediums and allow the paint to be freer. We believe that we have been created for creating, as God is our creator and author so we take the inspiration from the world around us to display unique works of art.

This exhibition is a unique collection of pastels, oils, acrylics and watercolours ranging from abstract to realistic and everything in between.

The viewer is invited on a journey of colour, reflection and expressive imagination celebrated by three local Artists. We hope you enjoy the exhibition and see our Art as an experience and adventure.


Evette, Pamela and Lionel

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