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Next of Kin


15 June to 10 July 2016 Opening: Saturday 18 June, 4–6pm

Next of Kin features a wonderful collection of work from the extended Fredericks – Asmussen family – Scott (son), Pam (mum) and Joan (aunty). Their creative practise is further strengthened by their shared interests, familial ties and connection of Kinship.

Joan draws inspiration from the shapes, colours, textures of plants and trees creating contemporary woven vessels from dried and coloured gourds. These vessels graduate with interwoven fibres and natural materials into stunning playful works of colour.

The strong architectural forms of Pam’s mosaic art illustrate her love of design, colour, pattern and shape. Native banksias, waratahs and botanical plants feature throughout the works.

Scott’s photography palette is rigidly composed with patterns of light and shade, shape and contour, angles and perspective dominated with very graphic rendering and ephemeral observations.

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