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Palimpsest II

Edwina Edwards Yolanda O’Neill Keane Kerrie Rudd Tara Welsh

5 to 30 April 2017 Opening: Friday 7 April, 6–8pm

This exhibition brings together four women who graduated from the Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts at the Albury and Wagga Wagga Campuses of TAFE NSW Riverina Institute in 2016.

These fledgling artists infuse their artwork with a wealth of life experience, knowledge and skill. Busy lives inspire creativity and hard work.

The word Palimpsest is from ancient Greek and its current meaning includes something made over time in multiple layers with traces of the process of layering left on the surface. In Palimpsest 2 each participant has presented work that has evolved over 2016. The very process of making the paintings, works on paper and textiles in Palimpsest 2 has meant the embrace of change and layering of ideas over ideas and process over process until the distilled pieces are resolved.

A life layered by balancing work, family, travel, community commitments and study at art school is the catalyst for diverse complex art work as in Palimpsest.

The paintings of Kerrie Rudd are complex surfaces built up in many layers in the journey from collected and treasured fabric patterns through drawing into paint; Tara Welsh’s work throughout 2016 has used painstaking methods and processes to explore interiority; Edwina Edwards’ paintings are the accretion of layers of coloured paint inspired by natural and urban landscapes; Yolanda O’Neill Keane’s works explore locality and layering, with the recycling of ideas and techniques to form something bold and new.

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