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Slow Down


8 November to 3 December EXTENDED!

OFFICIAL OPENING: Friday 11 November, 5.30–7.30pm

A collection of watercolour landscapes and botanicals

Slow Down is an invitation to slow down and take in what nature gives us. Painted in a realistic traditional style the viewer will find places they recognise and love.

Having experienced oils, pastels, and acrylics over the years, I find watercolours totally absorbing and satisfying. Watercolour painting is an escape from the business of life. I continually try to use my skills to capture the beauty of the natural world. Painting the light is the basis of any successful painting when the light and the shadows interplay to create a total wonderland. I hope I have learnt to never become complacent. I only paint what makes me feel happy and I want that feeling of happiness, peace be felt by others who choose to take in interest in my works.

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