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Connected to the Grid


7 March to 2 April 2017 Opening: Saturday 11 March, 2–4pm

The grid pattern stretches to the horizon in all directions, the man-made division of the land that overlies nature’s structures of hills, valleys, rivers, lakes. For me, the aerial view focuses the relationship between man and nature and brings forward the overlay of the human on the natural, our connection to the land, our reliance on the land. It also focuses our futile attempt to control the land by imposing our boundaries.

Referencing back to the grid allows me to create images of the landscape that are simultaneously representational and abstract: I can dwell between the two and explore the imaging of space.

My passion for the grid began with the art of Paul Klee and my love of assemblages began with the art of Rosalie Gascoigne.

The theme for this exhibition begins with the painting “Kandinsky Square Dance – Red” in homage to the grid patterns Kandinksy incorporated into many of his works. Collage and drawing have both become integral components in my art practice, and are valuable vehicles for exploring the grid. While my use of collage started with paper, it has now extended to assemblages using vintage sheet metal and vintage fabrics evoking memories of home and the way the land and home are intertwined in memory.

Each new work generates ideas for new directions.

I love to play with materials, with composition, to lay out the patterns, to cut out pieces and fabricate assemblages, to imagine, remember and evoke the landscape around me.

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