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Paula Watson Susan Morris Caryn Giblin Inga Hanover Mary-Rose Riley Vernon Bartlett Paul Temple Margie Gleeson Vicki Luke Sara Korman Hannah Mitchell

20 February to 17 March 2019

EXHIBITION OPENING: Saturday, 23 February, 11am MEET THE ARTISTS: Saturday 23 February, 11am–12pm

The Print Exchange project is a curated exhibition of 11 artists, each of whom produces an edition of 14–17 prints of one image.

Each artist receives one of the editions from all the participating artists – hence the name, Print Exchange. The edition includes prints for sale by the gallery.

The project promotes and encourages Printmaking as an art form in all its various techniques, e.g. linocut, drypoint, woodcut, etching, digital images and collagraphs.

Participating artists are not required to address any theme, which allows for their own concerns and issues to be explored.

The unifying element is that all prints must be A4 size. PrintEx4 is the fourth exhibition of this ongoing project.

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